Join Aza Women Leadership Program and become the next Wambui! 

If you are an African woman, interested in Fintech and looking to boost your career while maintaining a balanced personal life, this opportunity is for you!

(Next program start in November 2022)

Our Mission

Aza Finance African Women Leadership Program aimed at increasing the percentage of African women in fintech and equip them with tools to increase their likelihood of reaching high management positions.

This program will work on foundational soft skills as well as career skills to equip these women with the tools they need to succeed in their professional and personal lives. 

Aza & Naaw's Engagement

AZA & Naaw by Beautiful Soul are believe in the potential of African female talents and want to prioritize them:

  • AZA Finance wants to build a robust pipeline of African women with C-level potential for the fintech industry 

  • Naaw by Beautiful Soul launched a digital platform to support professional African women in leadership development, with a dedicated staff (African women)

The main advantage of this program is a boost in your professional and personal lives, find a network of women with a similar vision, but an added bonus is a possible job offer from AZA FINANCE for talented women.


Find people who are sharing your values, link up with them and stick together