Positive Relations Challenge

Having quality relationships is essential for our well-being and our professional progress.

The intention of this challenge is to give you the tools and tips to enhance quality relationships.

How does it work?

Each evening you will receive an activity and a guided breathing exercise on a WhatsApp group to do the next day. This ritual will last an average of 25 to 30 minutes. Follow the instructions, do the activities, and share your feelings with the group.

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Choose a time of day to do your activity (ideally in the morning).

Bring a notebook and coloured pens/pencils to use during the 3*7 days.


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Positive relation challenge relationship
Positive Relations Challenge for quality relationships

Do you want to feel more fulfilled and advance in your career? Start the Positive Relations Challenge! Take a step back from your relationships and discover the keys to improving them, building alliances and having more energy in your daily life.

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