Financing Your Project with 3FPT

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Do you need financial support for training activities that are close to your heart? Finance your project with  3FPT.

With an annual budget of 20 billion FCFA, this program is a real game changer when it comes to the skills development of your employees.
Whether it is to set up an organizational change management system, transform the managerial culture of your company, support the professional and personal development of your employees or facilitate transition within  your teams, you can benefit from 3FPT funding on all our offers.

Our clients have already benefited from 95% of  this financing. Will you too?


Let's talk about your project together!

Does your project involve management training, communication, self-leadership, female leadership, change management, individual and group coaching or training of trainers?

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Applications for 3FPT funding — procedures and files

Your training  project is not yet clearly defined?  3FPT helps with its formulation. Look for more information under the different offers.

Is your project already defined? To take advantage from 3FPT funding, the approach is as follows:

Please be advised that the processing time of the files takes several weeks.  Don't wait! And above all, don't forget to include Beautiful Soul in the list of your favorite providers!


Go to 3FPT website and download and fill out the training project form


Write a letter to request funding to the Director General of 3FPT


Submit your application (letter and project form) to 3FPT 


In addition, send these items by email to: 

Don't forget to put Beautiful Soul's name in the list of your favourite providers!

The 3FPT also assists you in formulating your training project; you can contact the various territorial centres for more information.

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