Naaw Workshops

​Through our participatory, interactive workshops, Naaw will help you to achieve your goals and accomplish what you want most in your personal and professional life.

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As a woman, investing in yourself is always a winning bet!

In order to manifest your personal and/or professional desires, to build your network with sincere and fulfilling relationships and to take care of yourself it is important to take a step back and to explore your situation from new perspectives. We have built Naaw workshops around themes that impact all women. In a caring environment we offer you tools that encourage exchange and dialogue for individual and collective solutions to your daily challenges.

So, what do the Naaw workshops offer?

Naaw workshops consist of 2 hour modules and held 2-3 times a month. We offer both paid and free workshops. Our offer:

  • Participatory: our workshops are built on dialogue, where you are called upon to share your experience, answer questions or do role-playing exercises!
  • Situational: our tools are based on realistic and recurring professional and personal situations, and adapted to your context.
  • Open to all: you can participate in our workshops from wherever you are located in the world, with a solid internet connection.

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