Our training courses focus on improving behavioural skills - people management, communication, conflict management, leadership and change management. They can be adapted or customised to meet your organisation's needs and objectives.

All of our services are available in-person and online.

Training sessions are delivered in the following format:

'In-house' sessions, to groups of managers working in the same organisation, providing a simultaneous team building opportunity; 

'Inter' sessions, to groups of participants facing similar challenges.

Between training sessions, we usually recommend scheduling group coaching and/or executive coaching sessions so that participants can integrate learning from the training into their daily lives.


Discover these testimonials from our training participants

Abdel Halaoui

Head of Logistics at SIAGRO-KIRENE

Mody Attamane Diop

UNDP Senegal

Beautiful Soul is accredited by the Senegalese Fund for the Financing of Professional and Technical Training (3FPT)!

Are you a company? You want to finance the development of your employees' skills? From now on, our training courses are eligible for 3FPT funding.

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