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Beautiful Soul is an accelerator of organisational change. We co-create and offer the potential for renewal at work and in life more generally, which we believe is the foundation of a more inclusive, egalitarian, ecological and happier world. To do this, we accompany large-scale individual and collective transformation projects, offering a combination of humanity and efficiency in our approach.


We activate positive energy at the individual and collective levels to create organisations that are inclusive, collaborative and efficient

We operate in all sectors (public, private, not-for-profit), encouraging leaders to bring out the best in their teams (both individual members and collectively). We develop positive leaders at all levels of an organisation. Our goal is for these leaders to become the drivers of exceptional collective performance by being able to:

  • Infuse meaning into the work of their teams;
  • Create a healthy environment in which constructive relationships thrive;
  • Adapt systems, processes and personal objectives which encourage employee engagement in the workplace;
  • Encourage the expression of positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, serenity and a sense of optimism in the workplace.

We give the best of ourselves to bring out the best in you

Team of people celebrating

We believe that each human being has inexhaustible resources. We strive to embody kindness, authenticity, respect and collaboration to foster individual and collective fulfillment. We celebrate strengths. We unleash the positive energies of participants to successfully meet the challenges they face.