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Positive Relations Challenge

The quality of your relationships is crucial to your career progression and the positive contribution you can offer to your organisation.

The Positive Relations Challenge is FREE and demanding at the same time. For 3*7 days, it invites you to take a step back from your relationships and discover the keys to improving them, building alliances and having more energy in your daily life.

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Naaw - Positive relations challenge

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​Naaw, we believe passionately in the capacity of women to manage transitions, to bring their knowledge, skills and leadership to shape responsive, inclusive and supportive societies.

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Marie Sow Sakho

Marie Sow Sakho, Director of the Private Sector Foundation for Education

"Naaw came into my life at a crucial time and offered me tools to face all the challenges I was facing in my professional and personal life. This training programme was rich, interesting, informative and enjoyable."

Christine Traoré

Christine Traoré, Communications Consultant

"I met many inspiring and positive people through this programme. It has helped to generate vital energy within me, which is essential for the success of this transition phase I am going through."

Caamo Kane

Caamo Kane, Founder, Dakar Farmers Market, Senegal

"This programme has transformed me, it has made me realise (...) that I like doing projects, to do more than the usual. I have given myself permission to explore my entrepreneurial drive alongside my studies. I also understood the importance of taking care of myself through moments of retreat and wellness rituals etc."