Naaw, we deeply believe in the capacity of women to manage transitions and to contribute their knowledge, skills and leadership to shape responsive, inclusive and supportive societies.​

Naaw is your coaching and collective action program. It will train more than 500,000 women to identify and activate their talents in different parts of their lives and our societies.

We know how to co-create caring learning spaces and sustainable alliances. These will accelerate women's personal and professional development and their ability to question and respond to the transformative challenges of our society.

We engage a community of supportive women and offer them a variety of pathways: individual and group coaching, thematic webinars, creative workshops, challenges, studies, testimonials, and constructive conversations.

At Naaw, we draw on the strengths of our tradition, its matriarchal, resilient and supportive foundations, and the power of community to shift lines, deconstruct stereotypes, liberate our voices and build regenerative alliances with men, our families, nature and humanity.

Finally, we encourage the creation of intergenerational links of women with different backgrounds and promote the participation of all in the project of collective transformation of our societies.

The Team

Passion - Collaboration - Determination

Three words that we embody, each in our own way.

Like musicians, we create, experiment and play our scores while vibrating to the rhythms of Naaw.

To join us: + 221 76 224 94 92

Profile picture of Fatouma


Conductor of the Orchestra

Fatouma first joined Beautiful Soul as a Project Coordinator before becoming Naaw's Project Manager. She enjoys new challenges and has high professional standards for delivering on the projects she is responsible for. Fatouma herself benefited from Beautiful Soul's Clarity Programme which gave her a clearer vision of what she wants to achieve in life, in addition to helping her to refocus on herself. She is a member of several associations which support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She loves to travel and spend time with her family and friends. Her motto is: "You can't say you don't know if you don't try."​

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Marietou is responsible for animating the Beautiful Soul and Naaw communities, and amplifying their messages. In another life, she would have been a professional dancer... although we will not reveal what type! Two things about Marietou: she thinks marriage is overrated and sees herself as the 'cool aunty' who looks after other people's children. You can imagine the debates this creates in our team! She is a graduate from Sciences Po in Paris and is a member and General Secretary of the alumni association of the Mariama Bâ educational institute. A feminist and permaculture enthusiast, she loves reading and dancing on the beach, potting her herbs and plants and spending quality time with family and friends.

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Adeline is responsible for training and coaching at Beautiful Soul and Naaw.

After significant experience in Human Resources, Adeline chose to reorient her career to fully support the development of individuals and teams. Today, she is a certified coach and trainer, always looking for development and innovation. She is also passionate about horses who she believes are 'specialists' in emotions. Convinced by the strength of the human-horse bond and the benefits of coaching, she dreams one day of being able to reconcile her passions and support clients through training or coaching with horses.

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Patricia is the Project Director and Coach. Patricia created Beautiful Soul in 2010 and has built the brand, business and team with heart, an innate sense of opportunity and courage. She is the President of the Coaching Association of Senegal, and a Board Member of Ecoles des Sables. In the office, everyone knows not to disturb her at noon because "noon is yoga time"! She works out 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week, takes care of her family and friends and is always up for a party. Her current motto: "Let's give ourselves the right to make mistakes".​