Team Building in Senegal

Strengthening team spirit

Organised in Dakar and in the most beautiful tourist sites of Senegal, in the open air and/or in beautiful seminar rooms, our Team Building activities for companies and organisations are exceptional opportunities to create links and strengthen team spirit. The managers who trust us to facilitate these activities, whatever the size of their organisation, have in common the desire to give their teams a good time while strengthening the performance and well-being of the group.

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Team Building Unicef sur la plage

Testimonials from Team Building

The main feedback from our clients who have called on us to organise their Team Building programmes shows that the changes observed within their teams are both positive and lasting. Discover these testimonies of women managers who have trusted us to deploy these programmes within their organisations.

The word of a leader


Isabelle de Guillebon

Director of Samu Social Sénégal

UNDP Sénégal

Example of an annual Team Building

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