Internship- Administrative & Project Assistant (French / English)

Working with the Beautiful Soul team, you will contribute to the smooth implementation of our interventions: manage incoming and outgoing communications, manage logistics, materials and supplies.

Beautiful Soul is a private sector company whose aim is to create a critical mass of 'positive leaders' in Senegal. Today, our services are mainly focused on supporting organisations with change management. Our team consists of two managing partners, full-time employees and about ten facilitators (coaches, trainers, facilitators). Together, our pool of experts allows us to work with many of the most prestigious institutions both in Senegal and in the rest of Africa and Europe. The largest constraint to our growth today is our ability to integrate new experts in our team with a comparative level of expertise. As a result, at times, some team members have very heavy workloads. In order to alleviate the workload of our current experts and to build the talent of future experts, Beautiful Soul is looking for several Administrative and Project Assistants. These Assistants will play a key role in the future development of Beautiful Soul and, as such, will benefit from an in depth capacity development programme upon their arrival.

Description of the Role

This position will be responsible for a number of tasks associated with: client-related projects and/or internal administrative needs (see details on page 3). The objective of this position is to contribute to the timely delivery of projects, provide support to Beautiful Soul experts (associates, employees and consultants), and ensure the quality of services delivered. This post will report to the Operations Manager and will act as an interface for regular contact with our expert and client focal points.

Potential for Growth

In the first instance, this position could evolve into a Project Coordinator position, with greater involvement in the commercial phases and high-level client meetings as well as increased responsibility for project management. In the longer term, this position could lead to more specialised positions, depending on the skills and interests of the individual and the needs of Beautiful Soul (such as coach/facilitator/trainer, sales engineer, communications manager).


Between 200,000 and 500,000 FCFA depending on the candidate's experience. 

Recruitment Process

In order to ensure a successful appointment for these positions, the recruitment process is outlined below: 

  • Selection based on a CV and Cover Letter sent to:
  • Telephone interview (15-20 minutes) to assess the candidate's 'fit' for the role 
  • Tests (written, logic) and potential submission of university exam results 
  • One or more face-to-face interviews (approximately 1 hour)
  • Contact with 3 referees shared by the candidate (former supervisors, professors..)

If your skills fit the profile and you are interested in the role, please send a CV and Cover Letter to indicating where you heard about this opportunity.

We anticipate many applications for these positions so we will only respond to those we feel are well-aligned with our criteria. We apologise in advance to those who do not receive a response. This does not detract from the value of your application. We wish you all the best!

 Recruitment Process

  • Bac +4
  • Excellent command of French (oral and written), and ideally also English 
  • Computer literate (computer, word, excel, powerpoint and ideally Google Suite) with ability to produce high quality documents
  • Proactive and positive attitude, the ability to interact with all project stakeholders in a way that inspires everyone to take action
  • A team player - enjoys being of service to other team members
  • Independent, ability to take initiative, as well as remain flexible and reactive in a fluid working environment, where there is a fast moving distribution of tasks. The candidate may demonstrate these skills this in a civic, voluntary or sport-related capacity.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to question oneself, step out of one's comfort zone and responsive to feedback (seeing it as an opportunity to grow rather than as a criticism)
  • One or more professional experiences in an organisational setting (internship, fixed-term contract) would be a plus


The responsibilities listed below are grouped according to the different phases of a project: 

0. Participation in the commercial phase

  • Write offers in collaboration with the project supervisor
  • Support different follow up activities with the client 

1. Project launch

  • Clarify the different project stages in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders
  • Format the contractual documents for each of the parties involved, ensuring their signature and transmission to the client concerned and to Beautiful Soul's accounting department 
  • Organise briefing meetings with relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate and format the different tools made available for clients (personality tests, reports...)

2. Preparing an intervention 

  • Communicate all relevant information to the facilitators/trainers in a timely manner in order to keep stress levels to a minimum
  • Organise travel booking where necessary, in coordination with the facilitators/trainers and the accounting department
  • In coordination with the facilitators/trainers, provide logistical support to ensure that all resources (documents, materials, room configuration...) required for the client sessions to run smoothly are in place. Carry out visits to the venue if required.
  • Together with the client, clarify the number and profiles of expected participants and ensure they have been properly briefed 
  • If required, assist the facilitators/trainers during the delivery of the sessions
  • Maintain regular contact with all stakeholders from Beautiful Soul and the client to ensure the intervention runs effectively
  • Monitor and keep relevant staff updated on session implementation (the number of sessions used/the number of sessions remaining in a contract) 

3. Coordinate project implementation

  • Ensure adequate data collection and usage to support the administration of a project 
  • Ensure that essential data is collected and remind the client of its importance for informing future projects

4. Closure and evaluation of projects

  • For each project, format, analyse and submit evaluations as agreed per the timeframe at the start of the project. Participate in identifying and following up on actions, as required. 
  • On multi-session projects, plan and implement a project-wide evaluation. Provide information for  Champions and the Operations Manager to present to the client. 
  • Prepare a reporting template and send it to the facilitators/trainers (this can be done at the beginning of the project). If necessary, produce the report itself.
  • Set up a debrief meeting with each client 
  • Save the report in the relevant file 
  • Add contact details of clients who wish to be added to the database 

5. Billing and Payment Collection

  • Update the Operations Manager with key billing information (description of services, amounts, client name and contact)
  • Support the accounts department with payment collection, if required
  • Ensure that all relevant stakeholders submit their invoices for services delivered by the end of each month
  • Modify, as required, and validate invoices before sending to the accounts department for approval and payment 

6. Administration: carry out any remaining tasks as required

Start date : September 2022

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to:
Toute candidature incomplète ne sera pas considérée.