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If there's one thing we all share, it's our desire to be happy... Materialize our personal and/or professional desires...

If there's one thing we all share, it's our desire to be happy... Materialize our personal and/or professional desires, have sincere and fulfilling relationships, take care of the people who are dear to us, etc.

In this quest for happiness, we often encounter "roadblocks”. And one of the most beautiful moments of a life – one we should celebrate as a new birth – is when we realize that these roadblocks, which are not the others, are inside us, within us.

Well done! If you are reading this article, it is because you have searched for it and found it - or it has found you - which is even better ;-). You're ready! Your personal development journey has already begun and - if you take care of it and decide to invest in it consciously - it will not stop.

Do you feel that you have untapped potential?

Would you like to know yourself better, to calm your inner dialogue?

Start by clarifying your intention and purpose. Your intention or "Yenné" in Wolof is the thought that rises from the heart - here it is positive - of what you give of yourself. The goal is what you want to achieve. Example: “I will awaken and unfold the potential that I feel in me” is an intention. I would like to express my ideas in public or I would like to ask for a promotion are two objectives that the above intention could materialize. The clearer your intention and purpose, the greater your return on investment in your personal development.

Make the thoughtful decision to invest in yourself. Because it is an investment all the more risky as the return you expect is significant. You will first invest time, a lot of time. Some research speaks of 42 days of deliberate practice to change a single behavior. To dare to express your ideas in public, there could be 3, 4, 5, 10 behaviors to change. Do the math. This quest for personal development will require you to invest social capital.

Your relationships will change; First, your relationship with yourself. Like an onion being peeled, getting to know oneself comes with tears and sometimes fears when facing the countless layers that we are called to discover.

Unless you have integrated compassion (vs self-pity) for oneself and for the other, which in itself is a long-term work. Your relationships with others will also sometimes evolve through tensions. Some will take time to understand and accept your transformations.

I still remember some remarks from friends or family members when Guillaume and I decided to go for an MBA. Back when our friends were investing in buying their primary home and advancing their careers, we put everything on hold to invest in ourselves.

There can be a loneliness of personal development that sometimes requires "Takkeu se khool" , to tie one's heart as the Senegalese say. Feel free to sign up for Naaw's free program which will help you work smoothly on your relationships.

You will also have to invest money. It can be investing in books, training, coaching, therapy, or sometimes changing companies or professions, which also has a cost.

Understanding and accepting that risk will be part of your personal development and that it will allow you to consciously make the effort over time. The benefit: windows or doors will open as you go through your quest (often very quickly when our quest is sincere) and the realization that we made the right choice or even that we wish we had done it earlier ;-).

Look for and find a mentor or friend to be by your side on this journey.

You will need listening ears and voices:

  • who console you;

  • who guide you;

  • that awaken you;

  • that encourage you;

  • that challenge you;

  • and, sometimes, hold you back.

If you still have questions: start by doing the exercise below and take the time to reflect on your goal and intention.
Where do you stand, from 0 to 10, for each of the elements of the model?

What is your main objective for personal development, in respect to each term of this model?

Are you ready? Welcome to you, welcome to the best version of yourself ;-) ! And if you're looking for a program to work with, explore the different options that Beautiful Soul has to offer:

  • Dare a challenge - Naaw, 21 days to positively transform your relationships;

  • Get the self-coaching book "Responsible for my happiness";

  • Train yourself in Emotional Intelligence or one of the 80 modules we have available;

  • Participate in Personal Clarity program;

  • Hire a certified professional coach.

Patricia Sennequier


Responsible for my happiness Responsible-for-my-happiness.pptx

Clarté Personnelle

Debuts soon at Beautiful Soul. For more information click here

Welcome! Welcome to the workshop "Personal Clarity”. You are in a period of transition and are looking for keys to live it with serenity and joy.

Personal Clarity is a gentle break to explore what gives us life (history, talents, values, motivations, desires, etc.) and find our keys. For three days, we will invite you to activate the best of yourself to make your transition. We will encourage you to look at your habits (thoughts, emotions, routines, etc.) with gratitude and compassion; the ones you want to keep and the ones you want to change.

As facilitators of the program, we would like to prepare you for this precious moment.

The "Personal Clarity" Workshop was born from dialogues with women in search of personal and professional renewal. We designed this program to engage your whole being. The learning spaces we will create will sometimes be unusual for you.

There are no lectures in Beautiful Soul's programs; On the other hand, experiments, physical exercises, practices and sharing of experience are numerous. Our exchanges will unleash many lessons and your challenge and ours will be to capture them as resources and learnings for all.

In preparation for the workshop, take the time to clarify your intention and desires. Also think of an object through which you could introduce yourself to the other members of the group (in the past, participants have brought a piece of clothing, a clock, a sheet of paper, etc.; only photos are excluded).

We will be delighted to work and walk with you. See you soon!

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