Evaluation of the Impact of Team Coaching services in 2018 (available soon)

The individual and collective evolution of our program participants and the creation of a lasting impact is the essence of our...

This study was carried out by Mary Kate Millway, a graduate in Political Science and Human Centered Design at Dartmouth College (USA) with a representative sample of over 800 participants.

Key findings reveal that 94% of participants report a positive and lasting impact as a result of working with Beautiful Soul. Respondents were asked to answer questions around the key areas in which Team Coaching can have the biggest impact: 

 This study, offers a clear insight into what  Team Coaching is and the positive impact it can have on strengthening team effectiveness and in transforming entire organizations. 

You will learn more about notre approche, with testimonies from organizational leaders who trusted Beautiful Soul, feedback from participants and experts in the coaching field.

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The Gender Barometer: The results
We are delighted to share with you the results of the first edition of the Gender Barometer in Senegal carried out by Beautiful Soul...