Patricia Sennequier

Founder, Trainer and Coach 

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Patricia is the founder and managing partner of Beautiful Soul. Since 2013, the expert team of 20 professionals she leads, has served 15 countries, 200 organisations and over 9,000 individuals with a recommendation rate of over 8/10.

Patricia is certified as a senior coaching practitioner by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), which recently awarded her an "International Coaching Award", a first for a coach based in Africa. She has also developed expertise in mediation techniques (CEDR certified) and Appreciative Inquiry (advanced certification from the French Institute of Appreciative Inquiry “IFAI” and of the Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland).

Before founding Beautiful Soul, Patricia held management positions at Oracle and the United Nations (rank: P4). She is a graduate of INSEAD (MBA), Université Paris Dauphine (MSTCF), and ESCP (Certificate in Entrepreneurship) and has lived and worked in 5 different countries.

Languages: French, English and Wolof

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EMCC Global Coaching Awards 2021