The soul made of clay: guarantee without a good resolution

2019, here we are! Already the end of January is approaching and the succession of the 52 weeks of the year is racing. Too late for the...

2019, here we are! The end of January is already approaching, and the succession of the 52 weeks of the year is underway. It's too late for the sacred New Year's resolutions. What if we opted instead for a year against the current? A year of soul and clay. 

In sculpture, the expression refers to the master model in which bronze is poured to create magnificent objects: masks, pendants, spoons. The hot and heavy metal, an alloy of copper and tin, is held by the cooked earth, which will later be broken to reveal the final work. The ancient gesture shows itself as poetry, and destruction becomes creation. This process yields a unique result. It requires delicacy and often reveals surprises. It is found throughout West Africa, particularly in Burkina Faso, a country still celebrated for its craftsmanship.

Breaking the clay to better reveal the soul. But don't worry, when the earth crumbles, it leaves its mark and patina. Like streaks on matter and echoes in color.

Under this sign, 2019 promises to be a year of renewal. It invites us to accept the effort, patience, and surprises necessary to reveal the best of ourselves. At Beautiful Soul, this ambition is engraved in our name. Yes, we enjoy working with organizations and individuals, towards the reveal their most beautiful soul.

Excellence and authenticity are part of the values that guide us in offering our programs in team coaching, executive coaching, management, and positive acceleration, which you can discover here

In short, you get it! The entire team wishes you a beautiful 2019. And we will be by your side to help you become the craftsmen - patient and determined - of your success.

Patricia's editorial